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Die-Cut, A Surprise!
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Die-Cut, A Surprise!
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Now we will look at DIE-CUT trade cards and something which was a surprise.

Die-cut trade cards offer so much to look at!
The two trade cards below, are for the H. J. Heinz Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Usually referred to as "Pickle People", you can see why they were saved.  They are one of the most commonly found trade card's in scrapbbooks.
Mr. Heinz, I believe, was a Pioneer; in that, he knew the outcome produced, for using such a high amount of his advertising budget on Trade Cards.  His trade cards were commissioned to use for His Private use ONLY!  Heinz's Private Issue trade cards show us that:
Mr. Heinz was well aware that the children were his target....Heinz's images caught the attention of a child.  Mr. Heinz knew that it was the child who pasted his cards in their books!   Mr. Heinz knew those books sat around the home for a little while and were looked at consistantly,,, therefore, the Heinz name was always in the minds of the purchasing public!


Below is, more-or-less, a montage -- typical items you would find arranged on a scrapbook page.  Notice there are two scraps in the corners; as well as,  five die-cut, advertising trade cards as the main attraction..
*Magnetized Food MAGNET with an inset depiction of a family having a meal at the table.  Claiming on the verso that their foods are made from healthful fruits and cereals, what make's their product  better is that it is "Vitalized by Magnetism".  This card was printed by The Hatch Litho. Co., New York.
*Pears Soap PURSE filled with stamps, money and a note to buy Pears Soap.  The purse is also embossed, giving the paper  the feel of a true clasp.
*T. H. Groves; World Boot and Shoe Store needs only to tell the consumer where his store is located... the die-cut woman's shoe does the  rest!
*The Magic Yeast die-cut LEOPARD has an easel-back so that it  will stand on it's own.  The verso tells the consumer, "Buy Magic Yeast and get a Different Animal and make good bread every time".
*The die-cut Christmas package is for Farm Journal as a seasonal greeting to their customers.


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Which one is the SURPRISE???

The above images show what happened after removing the trade cards from a scrapbook.  The top image,  the black cat wearing a red ribbon around his neck, is a stock card, completely void of advertising.  The image below that, for Dr. Jayne's remedies,  was cut and trimmed by the original scrapbook owner (this action compromised it's longevity).
Forward time to more than one hundred years later; a few of the pages were 'stuck together' from not the best of storage conditions through the years.... so by the time I came along to soak the scrapbook, past trimmings and Mother Nature made for a few mishaps  - - which I, instead, think of as pleasant surprises!
I could have easily tossed these two cards out,
but I saw the wonderful effect that was created!

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