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Before and After, Metamorphic, Ethnic Prejudice
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Before and After, Metamorphic, Ethnic Prejudice
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Scrapbooks could be found in just about EVERY home...
     from the Wealthy, who spent a good amount of money on Albums  
     that were specifically designed to paste scraps, trade cards
     and other paper ephemera on blank pages...
     to those living Less Lavishly, who used old Ledgers or Books
     to paste their momentos directly over the book's text.

 But, as that saying so often reminds us...
You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover...

Since the trade cards were handed-out, FREE to All ~
Every person, small and large, had the same chance to take home the trade cards and create with a little paste and a great deal of imagination!
                 This is the beauty of and the wonder found in the
                                            Victorian Scrapbook !

Journey Through A Scrapbook's Pages
 and Discover What Is Was That People Liked Enough To Save Them! 

Porter's Patent Window & Door Screen Corners
With/Without Inset Center Image

The immediate appeal of the above card for Porter's Patent Window & Door Screen Corners, is the COLOR!  Although the lithographer is not known, great details were tended to as shown in all three inset depictions of their wares. The center image shows a home using the product on the left-hand side -- and to it's right... a shambles of a home without them!

Metamorphic AND Before & After
See What Buckingham's Dye Can Do - Just Flip the Flap

This Card Shows How Well The Dye Works!

Buckingham's Dye is a wonderful example of a METAMORPHIC/Before and After trade card.  By merely un-folding the paper stock, the image is transformed to show what one will look like after using the dye.  Metamorphic cards show a change of some kind.
Tarrant's Seltzer Apertient, is another example of a Metamorphic, or Before and After, trade card.

Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient
Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, New York

Above is the BEFORE taking the patent medicine.
This is the AFTER having taken it... No More Headache!

Peytona Cigar - stock images

Ethnic Prejudice was depicted in many ways on trade cards;
both in the image itself, and the language used in the captions.  
No matter how kind the adviser thought he was,
these types of cards always come off in a stereotypical manner.
The reader of the Peytona Cigar trade cards learns only
two things about the cigar...
it is "Mense!" and it is "De Boss"!

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