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Die-Cut Book for Edwin Ellis & Co. (stationers)
Mayer, Merkel & Ottmann, Lith. Co.


Hello, my name is Denise. 
I am a Victorian Trade Card Collector and Curator.  The images of the past are my inspiration ~ you can say that they feed my appetite for Creativity!
My Journey began in 1994, after I won a Victorian Scrapbook at a local auction, in New Jersey at the time. Not knowing what everything was in that Scrapbook, I ventured out to learn all that I could. Fortunately for me, The Trade Card Collectors Association, had just been born. (As a footnote - The TCCA recently disbanded. I will give you the titles of books you can read to further your learning - just go up to the LINKS ZONE.)

IT'S BECAUSE OF THE TCCA, I HAVE A COLLECTION... My collection is as diverse as the constellations found in the sky.  I generally collect trade cards for a variety of reasons and from many categories.  You will learn of those reasons in what follows.  You may also notice the realm of categories... You'll probably find that there are more for you to learn about!

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An Eyeful of Delight!  The formality in the arrangement of furniture in the dining room, Sets the Backdrop for the Casual Portiere (entryway).  But I Think It Is the Suit of Armor, Standing Guard Beneath the Announcement that Jas. H. Fetter Not Only Sells Furniture... He Is Also An Undertaker!


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Victorian Girls Cutting & Pasting
Advertising Trade Cards & Scraps

The Trade Cards Zone
Is where you will learn about
the "craze" of the 19th Century!
Not too long ago,
the mid to late 1800s,
when electricity was
still soooo new......
  most went without
  sufficient lighting,
  and no television,
  not even a transitor-radio
Trade cards were the TV Commercials
 of a little more than a century ago!
Those who used the cards to advertise, could only hope
that their cards sat in the home long enough, so that Mom & Dad
knew what to buy and from where!!
You see...
Children had the habit to paste those trade cards into their books... FIRST!
Families spent time with
one another for entertainment
and for love.
Picture a family,
sitting in the parlour
  or at the kitchen table.
Each with a particular job
- one will find the pretty picture 
- one may be creating;
    or at the least, 
    trimming that picture
- Dad may be the one who will
    slather it with paste,
    then hand it off to
- Mom to place in just that right place
    on the page of the Scrapbook.
Let's travel a journey to look at those wonderful items.  Let's learn why they were saved as 'Family Heirlooms'. 
You will discover that these Pieces of the Past, show life, not unlike it is today.


What's Ahead In the Up-Coming Weeks?

   Excerpts from my exhibits:
  • Reverse Psychology, from the 1996 TCCA Convention.
  • Carter's Little Slice of American Pie, 2000 TCCA Convention.
  • C. M. Henderson & Company, An Examination In Progress, 1998 TCCA Convention..
  • Schools of Thought, 1996 TCCA Convention.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, One and All ~ Good Humor Has Arrived!

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