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Puzzle Trade Cards
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Puzzle Trade Cards
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More Memorabilia...
Not Just For Decoration!

Sometimes, we actually need to test our brains.
It may be as simple as finding an image within another image, or as taxing as working-out a pictogram. 
Some cards just have that spark ~ you know, the stuff Houdini, himself, marveled at as a child! 
Puzzle trade cards were novelties... and they were FREE!

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Look at all of the items to try to find ~ a lion, polar bear... two wolves, an elephant...  and  "what the sick girl should take to cure her headache".    It stands to reason that what you need to find is a bottle of Carter's Little Liver Pills!

Carter's Little Liver Pills
Carter Medicine Company, New York

Rosewater Bros., OK Preparations
Notice the way both bodies form "O K"

Verso - OK Preparations
Details About An Offer For Free Perfume