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Of Art & Abundance


Architects, throughout history, molded structures to fulfill the need to shelter people and used
an artistic interpretation of reality to enhance society.  Initially, mid-19th century architectural styles were
supported by inspirations based on classical design.  Masterful buildings were cultivated by marrying
what had been learned from the stuctures of the past to the concerns of the present. 
Gothic Revival, Italianate and Mansardic were styles most prominent, but not the predominate symbols of the period.
What architectural style can best be associated with the reign of Queen Victoria? 
Victorian?  No, 'Victorian' was not a style.  'Victorian' is our term for the attitude and lifestyle which evolved.
At this time, the passion of the Industrial Revolution had unleashed a synergistic energy.  The
abundance of opportunities appealed to the desires of those wishing to achieve.  Architects drew upon
the amassing show of optimism to create a novel style of architecture - one that the people could truly
boast as their own.  Distinct, new features emerged, and those from what is termed 'Queen Anne'
had the greatest attraction.
      Architects forged this new style as a visual banquet of colourful ornamentation
         What a more apropos way of expressing this prevailing upward movement...
                Elaborate houses for enlightened people.
For the architect, the reward was tangible - a house.  Surely,  though, not every person resided in a
Gothic Revival, Italianate, Mansardic, or Queen Anne-styled house, so how was a distinctive Victorian
identity revealed?   Sentiments of greater social status prevailed, so it became the responsibility for
a house's resident to furnish it to create a home of worthy position in the community.
Victorians rigorously favored pomp and circumstance.  Their intentions, whether consciously thought
about or subliminally anticipated, were influenced by the prionciples behind:

Of Art and Abundance
Continues with
descriptions and explanations
of the five elements...
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*Notation:  Most of the trade cards in the Of Art & Abundance exhibit have been displayed over hand-made paper, some even have scraps attached.  Have no fear; however, the trade cards themselves have not been compromised ---> I used Archivally Safe Clear Corner Mounts to hold the cards in place without adhering any glue to the card itself!

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1998 April 1st