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...Variants, Variants, Variants...
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...Variants, Variants, Variants...
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Compare/Contrast These Two VARIANTS

They're The Same...
NO.. They're Different...
NO....... Arrgh!  
Well, they're sort-of the same ~
What Gives?
Copyright 1880, By F. Todd
Both From The Same Lithographer... Yet Different!

VARIANTS are something that you will undoubtedly find ~
and they are fun to look for.  Confusing at times.... but fun! 
Whether it is of stock variety or a privately issued image, clones can be found within the array of the trade card field. 
So, what does 'Variant' mean? The image found on one trade card is SIMILAR to another, but with at least ONE DIFFERENCE in appearance.
When comparing two trade cards to determine if you do indeed have a Variant:
Each of the trade cards may have advertisements for the SAME company/product/service... Or it MAY NOT!
Each may be lithographed by the SAME company... Or it MAY NOT! 
OR they may differ with the advertising used on the card!
At times, it is the same lithographer who changes something about the image ~ as subtle as the coloring used or the removal/addition of an object in the print.  Or it can be as blatant as the quality of the image going from the original, very detailed picture to something showing less care, attention, quality or skill to those details (perhaps it's from an apprentice lithographer)!
Collecting TRADE CARD VARIANTS is a great way to get your mind focused toward a particular category.  It is also a way to make you nuts!

However, the more you look at your cards, the more you will notice ~ So when you do come upon a variant,  you'll realize it almost right away!